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2019-7-1 Preview Theme
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Current date/time
As you can guess by its name, this widget will display the current time based on your current location.

Current weather
This widget detects your current location and displays an accurate and detailed weather forecast.

Gmail inbox
Check the new email in the mailbox directly from the start page.

Google Calendar Sync
The widget will automatically sync Google Calendar for your linked Google Account. A small counter below the clock widget will notify you of upcoming events today. Therefore, you will never miss an important appointment or task.

To-do list
It's always easy to write down what needs to be done. Get rid of the pen and paper of the old school. CoolStart allows you to create your own ToDO list. Add/delete and mark tasks from the custom start page.

Most visited sites
This feature allows you to access the websites you visit more frequently.

Recently closed page
Instant access to webpages that you have recently closed unexpectedly.

With CoolStart, you can get a more appealing bookmark look directly from a custom new tab.
This product can be found in Chrome Web Store.