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2019-7-1 Preview Theme
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HD background with popular abstract art. Abstract art refers to any art that simplifies or completely extracts the depiction of real natural objects. Its aesthetic content is expressed by the combination or structure of form, line, and color. Sometimes the subject of abstract art is real, but it is too stylized, obscured, overlapped, or broken down into basic forms, making it difficult to identify the original.

We've also added a bunch of features to enhance your browsing experience. If you frequently check for new emails in your inbox, you'll like the next feature. Now you can instantly see your mailbox and immediately know when you receive important information. With the built-in ToDo list, it's now easy to keep track of current tasks.

Here's a list of other features you'll get:
 - Dating time
 - weather widget
 - Most frequently visited websites/bookmarks/closed pages recently
 - screen protector
 - Google Calendar Sync
 - New label theme library
This product can be found in Chrome Web Store.