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In a shorter time and in a smaller space, the process of energy conversion from one form to another or with a strong mechanical effect. The explosion of ordinary explosives is the conversion of chemical energy to mechanical energy; the nuclear explosion is the conversion of the energy of the nuclear reaction to mechanical energy; at this time, a large amount of heat will be accumulated in a short time, and the volume of the gas will rapidly expand, causing an explosion.
Explosion is an extremely rapid physical or chemical energy release process. In this process, the material in the space releases the energy contained in the interior at an extremely fast rate, and transforms into energy forms such as mechanical work, light, and heat. Therefore, once it is out of control, an explosion accident will have a huge destructive effect. The root cause of the explosion is that the system that constitutes the explosion contains high-pressure gas or high-temperature and high-pressure gas generated at the moment of explosion. A sudden pressure sudden change between the explosion system and the medium surrounding it is the most important feature of the explosion. This sharp change in pressure difference is the direct cause of the explosion damage.
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