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2019-7-1 Preview Theme
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Bayern Munich Football Club, referred to as Bayern Munich or Bayern, is a German sports club based in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Its most famous is the professional football team participating in the German Football League. It has won a record of 28 German football tops. The league title and the 18th German Cup champion are the most successful football clubs in Germany.

The extension will change your default search. It helps you stay focused and organized by using some cool features. Bayern Munich HD Wallpapers is designed to convert your default new label theme with new and improved full-featured wallpapers.
Whether you are at home or in the office, you can use this great extension as your personal organizer. By design, it tries to make the most of your new label, improving your productivity, visual appearance and overall web surfing experience.

The features you get are as follows:
 - High quality wallpaper for every new label of Bayern Munich players
 - Clock showing date and time
 - Weather widget
 - Gmail inbox and Google Calendar Sync
 - To-do list
 - The most visited website
 - Recently closed page
 - Bookmarks
 - Social network notifications
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