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In essence, aurora is an optical phenomenon in which charged particles blown by solar storms and atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth operate in the uppermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere (at an altitude of 100-200 km from the ground). There are three important processes in the formation of aurora: charged particles generated by the solar wind, the earth's magnetic field attracts charged particles to the north and south poles, and stimulates the operation of atmospheric components. The so-called "solar wind" is an energy that the sun radiates to the universe. It is composed of electrons and protons. Due to the intense activity of the sun, a large number of charged particles are emitted. When the charged particles flow into the sphere of the earth's magnetic field, they are subjected to the earth's magnetic field and enter the upper atmosphere near the north and south magnetic poles at high speed. Collision with oxygen atoms, nitrogen molecules and other particles, resulting in "electromagnetic storm" and "visible light" phenomenon, has become the "Aurora".
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