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Villas, improved homes, garden homes for recreation in suburban or scenic areas. It is the place to enjoy life and is the first place to live.
It is a common understanding that in addition to the basic functions of the "residence" house, it is mainly a high-end residence that reflects the quality of life and enjoys the characteristics. In modern terms, it is an independent garden-style residence, which is independent.
Tracing back to its origin, there is no clear starting point for time. In ancient China, villas appeared very early, large emperors’ palaces, and the small houses and mansions of wealthy merchants. The appearance of villas abroad has a long history. The villas in the western sense are mainly developed after the foreign industrial revolution. According to its geographical location and function, it is divided into: mountain villas (including forest villas), Linshui (river, lake, sea) villas, pasture (grass) villas, manor-style villas, etc.
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