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"Cat" theme HD wallpaper new tab page. The hottest, most popular HD theme wallpaper page for users. Updated daily and exciting every day.

Human beings love cats without rumors. The popular "cat culture" is the best evidence. It can be said that among all the species we domesticate, cats have a very special emotional status in people's hearts. However, the relationship between domestic cats and humans has undergone several complicated changes: from the highly functional anti-rat treatment to the family companionship. To this day, domestic cats have become an ecological threat in the eyes of many scholars. Cats are animals that are good at climbing and jumping. The balance function of various organs in the body is better than other animals. When it jumps from a height, the body loses balance and the nervous system will quickly command skeletal muscles at the fastest speed. Exercise to adjust the unbalanced body to its normal position.

The wallpaper can be changed automatically, and a new wallpaper will be automatically opened each time you open a new tab. The time display is more precise and the city location of the weather can be customized. Customizable minimalist mode, the most visited Chrome extension currently.
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