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The rural area refers to a kind of living space, the meaning is similar to the rural area; the living environment is the name corresponding to the city, which refers to the geographical living environment scattered in the rural areas, often associated with the green, quiet, leisurely pace of life. The Chinese meaning of "country" is similar to Japanese. In the modern sense, Chinese meaning includes natural villages and villages.
Villages, mainly large colonies or groups formed by multiple settlements, are often used as areas of concentrated population distribution in the modern sense. Including natural villages, natural villages, and village areas. The village takes root in the corners of the world and plays an important role in people's lives. It has enabled some people to move towards success, and of course it retains its own tradition and forms a force that cannot be ignored.
In the process of human survival and development, villages are a relatively primitive way of living in groups, especially great influence. On the one hand, it promotes the grouping of civilizations and thus sets an example for a unified civilization. People are social people, and the living environment affects people's physiological psychology and has a significant effect on human production activities. The villages, which are largely influenced by geographical factors, have gradually evolved into a factor that links history with the future of primitive and modern civilization. It is also the living environment of human beings.
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