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2019-6-24 Preview Theme
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The escort is commonly known as the chameleon, the reptile of the lizard suborders, which is produced in the eastern hemisphere and is mainly arboreal. The feature is that the body color can change. Each of the 2 to 3 toes is combined into two sets of toe and end teeth, and the tongue is elongated and stretchable. The Acacia lizard is produced in the Western Hemisphere and is also known as a false refuge.

Here is a list of the features we have designed for you to include this extension:
 - Open to search
 - To-do list
 - Set your favorite wallpapers
 - One-click access to popular websites
 - Bookmarks
 - Social network notifications
 - High quality wallpaper for each new label
 - Clock showing date and time
 - Weather widget
 - Discover new hot spots
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