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A windmill is a power machine that does not require fuel and uses wind as an energy source. A windmill is a power machine that converts wind energy into mechanical energy; it collects wind with adjustable blades or stepped wooden wheels.
The simple windmill is composed of a wind wheel, a bracket and a transmission device; the speed and power of the wind wheel can be adjusted according to the size of the wind, and the number of the wind canopy or the wind receiving area can be adjusted; when the wind direction changes, The front bracket must be moved so that the wind wheel faces the wind; the complete windmill is equipped with automatic speed regulation and windward devices.
Windmills for power generation are also known as wind turbines. Wind energy resources are clean renewable energy sources. They are safe, clean, and resource-rich. They are a permanent and abundant local resource that provides us with a long-term stable energy supply. Wind power generation is one of the most mature, largest-scale, and commercialized development prospects in the field of new energy.
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