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The port is a transportation hub located along the sea, river, river, lake and reservoir. It has waterway and intermodal equipment and conditions for safe entry and exit of ships. It is the assembly point and hub of water and land transportation, and the distribution center for industrial and agricultural products and foreign trade import and export materials. Ships are parked, loaded and unloaded, passengers are boarded, and places are supplemented. Ports can also be roughly classified into the following types depending on the geographical environment. For example, the harbour is used to handle ships that sail on the ocean, and the river port is used to handle traffic on the river. The development of port construction requires certain natural conditions. The superior geographical location, wide water and land, necessary berth depth and good weather conditions are necessary guarantees for the long-term vibrancy of modern terminals. The development of the port also needs to have developed economic hinterland conditions to provide a stable source of supply for the port.
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