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The background is set in a world where alchemy is quite developed. Edward Eric and his brother Alfons are very much thinking of the deceased mother, in order to see the mother's smile again, and the biggest taboo in the alchemy, "human body refining" - that is, the refining of the deceased - ─ ─ However, when the refining failed, the effect of the rebound, Ed pays the "toll" left foot, the right hand, Al is lost [c]. In order to save his younger brother, Ed sacrificed his right arm at the cost of fixing his brother's soul on a pair of armor; and the lost right arm and left leg were replaced by steel prosthetic "mechanical shackles", so the country was obtained. When the alchemist qualified, the president gave the title of “steel”, which was called “the steel alchemist”. In 1911, the Eric brothers began their journey in order to retrieve everything they lost.

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