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At the end of the one-year war, the ZMF special forces "Cyclops" found that the Earth Federation Army was embarking on the development of a new type of Gundam, attacking the Arctic EFF base in order to seize the body, but the mission failed and the target was sent to the universe. Later, through the occasional intelligence, it was learned that the new type of Gunong Army, which had been transported to the neutral space colony Side6, once again sent the Cyclops to sneak into Side6 and attempted to capture it.
The story is based on the vertical axis of the new battle and the relationship between the primary school student who lives in Side6, the enthusiastic mobile warrior, and the recruit Bani in the Cyclops as a cross-over of the horizontal axis. Although the RX-78NT1 ALEX in the play is set to be handed over to Amro Ray's body, it is basically a rumor story that is not directly related to the mobile warrior.

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