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A long-range weapon with a large power and a long range. The bow consists of a resilient bow arm and a tough bowstring; the arrow includes arrows, arrows and arrows. The arrows are made of copper or iron (modern arrows are mostly alloys), the rods are bamboo or wood (modern mostly pure carbon or aluminum alloy), feathers are carved, eagle or goose feathers. It is one of the important weapons used by the army and hunters.
It is ideal to make bowstrings from raw cowhide. It can be cut into tough strips with a width of 3 mm. Other types of ropes are also available for emergency use. The old ramie bark has a good crude fiber that can be sturdy into a strong bow. If the handle is very elastic, a relatively short bowstring may be required. The bow handle can only be slightly tightened when the bowstring is fixed - the bow handle is further flexed and tightened only when the bow is pulled, providing considerable resilience.
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