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Rivers usually refer to the flow of water that flows along a narrow, long, concave land on a land river. Rivers are generally sourced at high altitudes and then flow down the terrain and flow into the end of a lake or ocean. The river is an important path for the hydrological cycle on the earth, and it is a channel for sediments, salts and chemical elements to enter lakes and oceans. The famous rivers include the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Amazon River, and the Nile River.
A river is a linear natural channel that has frequent or intermittent water flow on the surface of the land. There are many rivers in China. The larger ones are called rivers, rivers, rivers, and waters. The smaller ones are called streams, rivers, valleys, and songs. Tibetan is called Tibetan cloth, and Mongolian is called Guole. Each river has a river source and an estuary. The source of the river refers to the birthplace of the river, some are spring water, some are lakes, swamps or glaciers, and the rivers and rivers are not the same. The estuary is the end of the river, that is, the river flows into the ocean, the river (such as the tributary flows into the main stream), the lake or the swamp. In the arid desert area, some rivers and rivers are consumed along the road for leakage and evaporation, and finally disappear into the desert. The river is called the Shanwei River.
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