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Holo, the female protagonist in the light novel "Wolf and Spices" and its derivative works, claimed to be the "sage wolf" in charge of the harvest, and became a slender girl with wolf ears and wolf tails when turned into human beings. A wolf that can swallow people, with wisdom that is hard to match.
In order to return to the hometown of the north, Heluo got into the carriage of the mobile merchant Lawrence and began to travel with him. On the way, Heluo continued to help Lawrence in business, and finally they fell in love and had a daughter. ". The world of the work is mainly based on the northern part of Germany in the 14th century. The overall inspiration comes from the French gold historian Jean Favier's "Gold and Spices"; when viewing the frozen sand, the basics are all academic works; the content of the gods is also quoted in the Bible. And "Golden Branch".
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