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Funny, the original meaning is that the wine is funny. In ancient China, especially in the "Historical Records and Funny Biography", it was introduced as a person who can speak eloquently and speak fluently. The meaning of modern aesthetics is the words, movements or state of affairs of people, making people laugh.
In ridicule and gag, expose the contradictions and reach criticism and irony.
Comic as an aesthetic phenomenon is ancient. It has always been associated with the comedy tradition of aesthetics. As early as in the Han Dynasty Sima Qian's "Historical Records. Funny Biography" pointed out: "Talking about the words, you can also solve the problem." "Suo Yin" explained to it: "slip, chaos also; Ji, Tong also. If the people of Jiejie are not saying anything, if they say yes or no, words can be different."
The ancient Chinese comedy developed from the excellent and funny dramas. The earliest comedy in the West - the comedy of ancient Greece was also developed on the basis of folk burlesque performance. Therefore, traditional estheticians often used comedy as a material for study. Some include comics in comics, and some contain comics to accommodate comedies.
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