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Twilight is like a lingo of our lives, which leads people to understand the calmness and indifference of life. The tranquility of the sundial is like a beam of stars that makes the soul lonely and peaceful, and dusk does not mean grief. I love the dusk, its light, its soft and hopeful light, and it ends the day with the most beautiful scenery. The dusk is beautiful and moving. In the hurry, among the students, it seems that only I am alone in the evening. I like the remnant warmth of the dusk. I feel the breath at dusk, and I hear the gentle whispers of dusk. I will melt my mind and body into the dusk, as if I was the remnant sun in the dusk, rushing in and hurried away, in a hurry, carrying my own responsibility and carrying my dreams, will give glory, but in the end, only The next light, in the rush of the world, there is nothing worthy of nostalgia, only the dream of wanting to reproduce the light, support yourself, even if the night comes, no regrets, whether it is success or failure, the rush of life, the scenery in the process Like the spring rain, it moisturizes your dry heart.
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