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Butterfly, commonly known as "Butterfly, Arthropod, Insect, Lepidoptera, Hammerer. There are more than 14,000 species in the world, most of which are distributed in the Americas, especially in the Amazon. 1200 species. The butterfly is generally colorful, with many stripes on the body, rich colors, various spots on the wings and body, the largest butterfly wings can reach 28 ~ 30 cm, the smallest is only about 0.7 cm. Butterfly and moth The main difference is that the head of the butterfly has a pair of rod-shaped or hammer-shaped tentacles, and the moth has a variety of antennae shapes.
The colorful patterns on the wings of the butterflies are amazing, but their colorful wings are not only for the sake of people's eyes, but also for hiding, disguising and attracting spouses.
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