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The actress Li Ke is a junior explorer living in an orphanage. In the town where she lives, most of the residents live by mining magical relics from the bottomless abyss. After that, the two decided to move forward together in the abyss.
On the second floor of the abyss, they met Orson, who was the white flute with Li Ke's mother. From her mouth, she learned the truth about her mother and her own life, but Li Ke and his party still decided to move on.
On the fourth floor of the abyss, the protagonist was attacked by a monster, and Li Ke was poisonous. Fortunately, with the help of Nanaqi, the protagonists were able to escape the danger, and then Nanaqi decided to join Li Ke and Lei Gu. Go to the depths of the abyss together.
From the abyss of the fifth floor, the protagonists are white wrap flute Podor more, the protagonists finally did her best to walk on the fifth floor, the sixth floor came "to not return capital."
After arriving at the sixth floor, the protagonist and his party came to the "Shengyu Village" for some reason.

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