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Lego bricks are a favorite toy for children. This plastic building block has bumps on one end and the other end
There are holes for embedding convex ridges, and there are more than 1,300 shapes. Each shape has 12 different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, white and green. It relies on the children's own brains, can spell out the changing shape, it is loved, it is called "magic plastic building blocks." The hometown of LEGO bricks is in Peron, Denmark.
The inventor of LEGO bricks was Ole Keok, who was born in 1891 in the village of Felsgov, near Biron, Denmark. He has a superb carpenter craftsmanship. When he was young, he was keen to make all kinds of small toys. The small planes, cars and animals from his hands were vivid and vivid. Although he does not understand business, toys are often slow-moving, but this did not make him give up his hobbies. Later, his design of the toy "about" was finally all the rage. In 1934, he designed the "Lego" trademark for his building blocks.
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