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The story is about the ordinary middle school second-year boy Shadow Mountain Maofu, who was dubbed as a "passer" because of his weak sense of existence and the homonym of the name Ma Fu [4], but he is actually a powerful natural superpower. After every growth, passers-by began to think that their super powers are dangerous. In order to prevent the super power from getting out of control, passers-by unconsciously suppressed emotions. Although I only want to spend every day ordinary, but all kinds of troubles have been looking for him one after another, with the repressed emotions a little inward, the power accumulated in the passers-by is also eager to move. Under the guidance of his spiritual teacher, Ling Xinlong, he tried to coexist with his own strength. However, surrounded by his super powers, he gradually recognized other superpowers, evil spirits, various organizations, and the people and forces around him also because of him. Unprecedented forces are constantly involved in being hurt and redeemed. In the conflict of strength and affection, he gradually learns how to get along with his superpowers, and must begin to think about how to be in a dangerous world, outside the choice of blocking emotions and abilities. Choose between strength and people to coexist.

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