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"Lupin the Third" is a legend of the Japanese anime world. There is a legend of undead legend. The cartoon author, Monkey Punch, once said that the adventurous spirit of Lubang III was pursued throughout his life. As a cartoonist, he is the main Leisure activities are creations, and all dreams and fantasies are realized in Lubang III. The monkey boxing has shaped Lubang III into an unbelievable thief, allowing readers to envy the life of Lubang III. Lubang and his entourage traveled around the world and rehearsed the old business of theft. Lubang III is the grandson of the thief, Yassen Ray-Ban, who is known as the world's most outstanding thief. He always sends a notice before he steals. He and the gunner only need 0.3 seconds of the sharpshooter Daejeon, the mysterious Eurasian mixed-race female thief peak, the all-encompassing master of the road, Ishikawa, five right guards cooperated to steal the world. The descendants of the money-shaped Pingji, the police department Qian Xingyi always wanted to arrest them, but all ended in failure.

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