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The story begins on July 28, 2010. Two members of the "Future Props Research Institute" group, Okabe Ryotaro and Shiina Shinji went to the Akihabara Radio and Exhibition Hall to participate in the lecture on the time travel theory of Dr. Zhong, and saw the year. At the age of 18, she was published in the journal Science. Shortly after the press conference ended, in the depths of the 8th floor of the hall, the Okabe found red plums full of blood. Panic-stricken, he left the hall with the truth, and sent an email to another member of the community, Hashida, to inform the incident. However, at the moment after the transmission, Okabe suddenly found that the street crowd disappeared. The radio hall and the surrounding area had already been blocked due to the fall of an unknown satellite. No one remembered the events he had experienced.

Hours later, Okabe and Achi met Red Lie at the university seminar again, causing a riot. I was interested in what the Okabe said, and the red futures of the "Future Props Research Institute" accidentally saw the experiments carried out by Okabe. A series of studies found that emails sent by Okabe were received a week ago! The Future Props No. 8 "Telephone Microwave (tentative name)" developed by the "Future Props Research Institute" has the function of sending e-mails to the machine of the past. At this time, the Okabe did not know that this invention, and his e-mail sent to the past, had affected the future of the entire world...

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