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"Your Name" theme HD wallpaper new tab page. The hottest, most popular HD theme wallpaper page for users. Updated daily and exciting every day.

The story takes place one month before the comet that has returned once every millennium, the town of Shizuoka, the village town of Hida, Japan. Here, the female high school student Sanye lives a melancholy life every day, and she is troubled not only by the election campaign held by the father of the mayor, but also by the ancient customs of the family. In this small town, there are just a few elderly people who care about it. For this reason, Sanye is full of embarrassment for the metropolis.
However, one day, I made a dream of becoming a boy. There are strange rooms and strange friends here. What appears in front of you is the streets of Tokyo. Although Sanye is confused, she can come to the city life of thinking and thinking, and make her feel refreshed. On the other hand, the male high school student who lived in Tokyo also had a strange dream. He became a female high school student in a small mountain town that he had never been to. The two men stunned each other in their dreams.

The wallpaper can be changed automatically, and a new wallpaper will be automatically opened each time you open a new tab. The time display is more precise and the city location of the weather can be customized. Customizable minimalist mode, the most visited Chrome extension currently.
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