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The cattle are very adaptable and can adapt well to the climate of the place; cattle are vegetarian animals, and the food range is wide. They like to eat grass, and they also like to eat some green plants (or fruits), such as water peanuts and sweet potato vines. , corn (miao), rice, wheat seedlings, etc. The common feature of bovids is that they are strong; there are legs suitable for long-distance running; there are 4 toes on the feet, but the side toes are more degraded than the deer, suitable for running; the front teeth and the canines are degraded, but the lower incisors are retained, and The lower canines are also incisorized. The three pairs of incisors are sloping forward. Due to the harder plants, the front molars and molars are high crowns, the enamel is wrinkled, and the crowns form complex ridges after abrasion. Eat grass.
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