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According to the purpose of use and beautification, the designer designs the shape, color and decorative pattern of the object according to the material, combined with the process, technology and economic conditions, and then designs according to the design scheme. The narrow pattern refers only to the decorative patterns and colors on the object.
In general, we can refer to non-reproducible graphic representations, including geometric patterns, visual arts, decorative arts, and so on. In computer design, we also refer to various vector graphics as patterns.
We can say that patterns are an art form that combines the artistry and practicality of people's lives. Patterns or graphics that are decorative in life can be called patterns.
According to the form of expression, the pattern has the meaning of abstraction and abstraction. The figurative pattern can be divided into floral patterns, landscape patterns, character patterns, animal patterns, and the like. After the concept of the pattern is clarified, the rules and laws of the pattern can be better studied and studied.
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