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The peacock is only 2 genera and 3 species. There are two species of genus Peacock, with a total length of more than 2 meters, of which the tail screen is about 1.5 meters, which is the largest in the shape of a chicken. The head is green, the crest is blue-green and pointed; the tail is very long, forming a tail screen, bright and beautiful; the real tail feather is very short, dark brown. The female has no tail screen, and the feather color is dark brown and many spots.

Here is a list of the features we have designed for you to include this extension:
 - Open to search
 - To-do list
 - Set your favorite wallpapers
 - One-click access to popular websites
 - Game highlights
 - Social network notifications
 - High quality wallpaper for each new label
 - Clock showing date and time
 - Weather widget
 - Discover new hot spots
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