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In 1680, the famous British scientist Newton envisioned a jet car scheme that used nozzles to spray steam to propel the car, but failed to make it.
In 1769, the Frenchman N.J. Guin created a three-wheeled car driven by gas combustion to produce steam. However, this type of car has a speed of only 4 kilometers per hour, and it is very troublesome to stop the boiler every 15 minutes. Later, the car hit the brick wall in one stroke and it was broken.
1885 was a year in which automotive inventions made a decisive breakthrough. Bentz, who was at the same factory as Daimler, was also studying cars. In 1885, he was almost a gasoline engine with Daimler. He was loaded on a car and was driven at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour.
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