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A rifle is a long-armed firearm that is shot by a single soldier. It is mainly used to launch bullets, killing exposed targets, effective range is generally 400-1000 meters; can also use bayonet, butt fighting; some can also launch rifle grenades, with point-to-face killing and anti-armor ability, is the modern infantry Basic weaponry. The rifle is a long gun with a squat line (also known as a double line) and a long tube firearm with a single shoulder.

Here is a list of the features we have designed for you to include this extension:
 - Open to search
 - To-do list
 - Set your favorite wallpapers
 - One-click access to popular websites
 - Game highlights
 - Social network notifications
 - High quality wallpaper for each new label
 - Clock showing date and time
 - Weather widget
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