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Sunset, the process of the sun slowly descending to the horizon of the West, that is, the sunset, and indeed defined as the time when the sun is completely out of the horizon. The time of sunset will vary with the season and the latitude of each place. Traditionally, in the northern hemisphere, the sunset time of the winter solstice is the earliest, and the latest time of the sunset is during the summer solstice. But in fact, the earliest time of sunset should be in early December, and the latest time of sunset should be at the end of June. Even in the equatorial region, there will be minor changes in the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. These changes can be expressed in daily walks. People often associate sunsets with summer, especially the freehand life and surfing activities that live near the beach. This may be because people usually do more outdoor activities during the summer sunset. In addition, in the eyes of the people, the scenery of the beach at sunset is also more beautiful than other times.
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