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2019-7-19 Preview Theme
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"The Secret Life of Pets 2" tells the story of a pet's life after leaving home or going to school every day, and using a new story to further reveal the unknown life of the familiar pets.

 ■ You can get the following features from our theme:

First, you can enjoy a variety of HD quality wallpapers. You can play all the photos at random, or just pick your favorite photos. You can also choose the slideshow option and enjoy the cool screen saver for wallpapers. Also, you can use other free plugin themes and this new tag.

Second, the extension can quickly navigate to the sites you visit the most, Chrome apps like Gmail, or quick reminders with to-do lists on themes. The date and time can also be displayed on this new tab.

Third, you can enjoy all of these features for free! Our extensions don't contain ads or any hidden captures!

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