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The lion is referred to as the lion, and the ancient Chinese name is 狻猊. It is a large feline living in Africa and Asia. It is the largest feline animal in the world. It is also the only feline animal in the world.
The lion is large in size, uniform in body, long in the limbs, and toe. The head is large and round, the snout is short, and the sight, the hearing and the smell are very developed. The canine teeth and cracked teeth are highly developed; the upper splitting teeth have three-toothed tips, the lower splitting teeth have 2 tooth tips; the molars are more degraded, and the crown diameter is smaller than the outer incisors. The fur is soft. 5 toes in the forefoot and 4 toes in the hind foot; the claws are sharp and retractable. The tail is more developed. It has the title of "King of the Prairie" and is the top cat carnivore in Africa. The wild African male lion has an average body weight of 240 kg and a total length of 3.2 m. The lion's hair is short, the body color is light gray, yellow or brown. The lion also has a long mane. The mane has light brown, dark brown, black, etc. The long mane extends all the way to the shoulder. And chest
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