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The sushi in ancient Japan was salted fish marinated with salt and rice. The taste was very disgusting, because the food at that time was difficult to preserve, and it was a last resort to make sushi. It was just for going out, or used for emergency when the army was fighting. Food is not something elegant. The reason why the Japanese want to write the salted fish as "sushi" is because the "salted fish" (鮨) is indecent, and for the sake of beautification, it does not make people think of salted fish, so they write "sushi". Japanese sushi is mainly produced and sold by a special sushi restaurant. The chef in the white overalls will cut the fresh fish that has been peeled off into pieces and other good materials on the rice cubes of the same width. The sushi is also colorful because of the different raw meat colors of the fish and shrimp. Very beautiful.
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