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2019-5-27 Preview Theme
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"Fruit" theme HD wallpaper new tab page. The hottest, most popular HD theme wallpaper page for users. Updated daily and exciting every day.

Fruit refers to the fruit of a plant that is juicy and has a main taste of sweetness and sourness. Fruit is not only rich in nutrients, but also promotes digestion.
The peach is ripe, it is filled with red mouth, and then with a small fluff, so look so cute, like a shy girl, lowered his head, red face.
The cut watermelon is so tempting, the melon is bright red and red, and the seeds are black and black.
The round oranges are like thousands of small lanterns, golden, red, and sparkling in the dark green leaves.
More than a dozen crescent-shaped orange petals are tightly grouped together, like a small yellow pumpkin, which is fascinating.

The wallpaper can be changed automatically, and a new wallpaper will be automatically opened each time you open a new tab. The time display is more precise and the city location of the weather can be customized. Customizable minimalist mode, the most visited Chrome extension currently.
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