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After the death of the death note, the death note was picked up by the 13-year-old middle school student, Jing Tailang, and used as a diary. Inadvertently kill 5 students who have bullied him, and believe that the notes are true. The horrified Mirror Taro uses the death eraser given by the gram to erase the name on the note, bringing the five people back to life. The two police officers who investigated the incident rushed to the school to investigate and inquire after hearing the resurrection of five people, but they were killed together with the five people who were resurrected. Mirror Taro asked the gram, and found that another note of the gram was lost, and it was associated with Miura who was also bullied by the five people and asked by the police. Finally, Jingtaro found Miura, erased the names of seven dead people with an eraser, and then handed the second note to the two policemen who were resurrected. In front of the police, Mirror Taro let Miura kill himself as an experiment, and then erased the name with an eraser to resurrect the police. Then the four burned the notes and kept the secret. Seven years later, Shintaro grew up and kept the first note, and published the story of the death note as a novel.
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