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The tower is a common oriental traditional building. Later, it gradually evolved into a pavilion-type tower, a dense tower, a pavilion tower, a covered tower, a diamond-shaped tower, a Baodi-inspired tower, a five-wheel tower, a multi-tower, a seamless tower, and the like. The tower has gradually evolved from an early square to a hexagon, an octagon or even a circle. During the construction of the tower, the structure of the tower has been continuously improved. The materials used have also expanded from traditional bauxite and wood. Masonry, ceramics, glass, metal and other materials. At the level of architecture, the tower has a large amount of materials and materials. The geological conditions are different in different regions, and the tower construction technology is also different. The architecture research on the tower involves material mechanics, structural mechanics, soil science, geology and many other aspects. . In Eastern culture, the meaning of the tower is not limited to the architectural level.
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