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"My Hero Academia" is a young manga drawn by Japanese cartoonist Yu Yue Geng Ping. It is about the world. From a certain day, the new people suddenly began to show a special ability called "personality". It should only appear in the overhead story. The superpowers in the real world have become reality, and the whole human society has been plunged into change and turmoil. In the midst of chaos, people with evil thoughts began to use "personality" as a disgrace, and just as the government was helpless with these sudden disasters, people with strength and justice began to emerge as superman comics, showing justice. Heroes have also been born. Nowadays, four-fifths of the people have a "personality" in the superhuman society. In order to counter the criminals who abuse the "personality" for criminal purposes, the government has positioned the hero as a special public employee and rewards him according to his merits. Rich rewards and the glory of justice, coupled with the support and support of the people, the hero has become the best career for all.
The protagonist Green Valley is a young man with no personality, but he is still embarrassed and eager to become a hero. He also hopes to enter the Xiongying University of the elite school that cultivates heroes. But the people around him are not optimistic that he can become a hero without personality, so that he always spends the ridicule and contempt of others. Until he met the hero he admired most, and was called "the symbol of peace," Olmert, his dream will be able to become a reality.

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