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High school student Natsume has a spiritual physique and can see what others can't see. When he got the "friends" of the relics of his grandmother Reiko, no matter the day or night, there were all kinds of monsters coming to the door!

Originally, Reiko also had the same spiritual physique as Gui Zhi, and everyone respected her. Because Reiko was very lonely, he went to the monsters to sue the book, and the demon sorcerer surrendered his name and made a contract of obedience. What Guizhi got is exactly the "friends account" that has many monster names and can command the demon and power to attract people!
After knowing what happened, Guizhi was determined to return the names on the "friends account" to the monsters defeated by Reiko. And the monster "cat teacher" who wants to get the friend's account without any effort, is willing to be a bodyguard, protect your ambition and "friends account", and embark on a journey of monsters together!

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