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Bananas enjoy a hot and humid climate and grow vigorously in areas with deep soil layers, loose soil and well-drained soil. Banana is a beneficial fruit rich in starch. Banana flesh is sweet and smooth, and it is one of the favorite fruits. The Europeans call it "happy fruit" because it can relieve depression. On the basis of bananas, there are also creative culture fruits to help people create happiness. And bananas are still the best way for women to lose weight. Banana is also known as the "fruit of wisdom".
Folk prescriptions are more useful for banana stewed rock sugar, healing long-term cough; using bananas to cook wine, as a diet. Modern medicine suggests that bananas can cure high blood pressure because it is rich in potassium, which can balance the adverse effects of sodium and promote cell and tissue growth. Bananas can be used to treat constipation because it promotes gastrointestinal motility.
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