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The clown is one of the comedy performers, often seen on the stage, circus, variety shows, carnivals, children's programs and birthday parties. When they perform, they wear extra-large shoes and exotic clothes, and their faces are also painted, especially the nose part. These costumes are meant to bring laughter to the audience. Usually the clown will entertain the audience by himself.

The clown is one of the performers who attract children. The ambassador of the American fast food restaurant McDonald's, "Uncle McDonald's" is known as the clown, and is very popular with children, which has attracted many children.
The word "clown" is derogatory in many usages, with the meaning of ridiculous and difficult to be elegant, not a friendly name. For example, the idiom "jumping clown" refers to a small person who is difficult to become a climate, or a politician is a "political clown" to insinuate his love for a show but lacks connotation and so on. In superhero stories like "Batman", the villains are mostly clowns, and they are smeared by the author.
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