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2019-5-27 Preview Theme
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1) The path follows the valley, through the pine forest, winding and twisting, like a light-colored belt, wrapped around the emerald mountain.
2) The criss-crossing traffic facilities constitute the blood and skeleton of the city, pushing the city to a modern international city.
3) The watery road, like a gleaming ribbon, gently flies forward in the green shade of early summer.
4) The mountain road is as narrow as a sheep's intestine, the disk is curved, covered with fallen leaves, and from time to time encounters the overflowing mountain springs, wet, and slipping under the soles of the feet.
5) There is a narrow and long alley in front of my house. Because people want to go in and out, the towering trees are not easy to plant. Therefore, people put some dirt along the wall roots and made some simple flower stands. In a strip-shaped flower stand less than a foot wide, many plants are planted, and it looks like a botanical garden from afar.
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