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The story tells the story of the distant mythology, the emperor Poseidon, the Hades of Hades are all in the earth where human beings live. Athena, the patron saint of the earth, began a series of wars with them. At the same time, some just and kind teenagers in humanity are surrounded by the goddess and fight with her. They can tear the sky and their feet can crack the earth. This group of teenagers who use weapons and fight with bare hands are called "Athena's Saints." From the age of mythology, Athena and the holy warriors began jihad with countless evil spirits. Time has come to modern times. Five bronze saints such as Seiya, Zilong, Glacier, Instant, and Yihui have grown up in the war. They defeated the conspiracy of the Pope Gemini Saga, the empress of the sea, Poseidon, who wanted to drown the earth, against the attempt. Hades that brings permanent darkness to Hades.
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