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The bear is the general name for the carnivorous bear family. The bear is usually mild, but when provocative or dangerous, it is easy to get angry and fight very fiercely. Although the average person regards the bear as a dangerous animal, it is quite popular in the circus or the zoo. Distributed in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, except for the northern part of South America, there is no trace of it elsewhere. Xiongke is a large family, which can be divided into 4 genera: lazy bear, spectacles, Malay genus, and bear, 8 species.
The bear body is thick and fat, the body hair is long and dense, the face is like a dog, the head is big and long, the eyes and ears are small, the molars are large and developed, and the chewing force is strong. The limbs are strong and strong, and there are 5 sharp claws on the feet to tear the food and climb the tree. The tail is short. The bear usually walks slowly with his sole, but when chasing the prey, it runs very fast and the hind legs can stand upright.
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