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Chevrolet is the largest brand under the General Motors Group. Chevrolet is considered to be the most successful car brand in the world, based on the cumulative car production to date. It ranks first in the US sales rankings. Its range of models ranges from small cars to large 4-door cars, from vans to large pickups, and even from off-road to sports cars. Any type of car that consumers need can find a corresponding one in Chevrolet. Model. Since the launch of the first product in 1912, the total sales volume has exceeded 100 million units. The market covers 70 countries and has set a record of selling a new car every 7.2 seconds. In 2004, Chevrolet sold more than 3.6 million new cars worldwide, accounting for 5% of the total global car sales. As the most international and popular brand of GM, Chevrolet has strong technical and market resources.
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