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The duck is a general name for the waterfowl of the genus Anatidae, and there are wild ducks and ducks. The wild duck is relatively small in size, short in neck, and lives on the water all the year round. It has strong diving ability and feeds on small animals (small fish, small shrimp, etc.) in the water. It is a common poultry. The duck is a general term for the waterfowl of the genus Anatidae. It is a water and land amphibious animal. But not to stay in the water for too long, is an oviparous animal. Domestic ducks are larger than wild ducks and live in water or on land. They feed on small animals (fish, shrimp, loach, etc.) and plants (water plants, hazelnuts, rice, etc.). Unlike swan and geese, the duck has the following characteristics: the duck is small, the feathers are short, and the flight distance is limited.
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