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This is a love comedy depicting high school boys and well-known girl cartoonist Nozaki Maya, and a high school girl who has become an assistant, Sakura Chiyoda and two people interacting with each other. The author was originally a girl cartoonist. This is the author's first four-character comic book. It is also the ninth plan of the “16 weekly new serialization plan” implemented by GANGAN ONLINE from July 2011. The slogan of the work is "This love is more and more like a girl comic."
The high school girl Sakura Chiyoda finally came up with the courage to confess to Nozaki Nozaki of the same grade, but he got the autograph of Nozaki and the invitation to "Will come to my house." Although Sakura was confused about the unexpected expansion, she still came to Nozaki's house with expectations. She did not expect to wait for her to be a manuscript manuscript. Unconsciously, she began to perform black-out work along with Nozaki's instructions. At this time, Sakura discovered that Nozaki was a famous girl cartoonist Mengye.

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