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The eagle is carnivorous, with sharply curved mouths, easy to tear and eat meat, claws with claws, ferocious, food including small mammals, reptiles, other birds and fish, daytime activities. They also have extremely sharp vision that makes them very good at hunting. The eagle can see possible prey from far away, so the special sight is mainly because they have large and special pupils that allow the diffraction of light entering the eye to a minimum. The eagle's female bird is usually larger than the male. The young eagle will be fed by the birds enough to leave the nest, and the young eagle will leave the nest at about 6 weeks of age and instinct to hunt. The eagle uses the claws to kill the prey, while the cockroaches use the claws to grab the prey and kill the prey with cockroaches. Although hawks are generally described as violent predators, some types of habits are elegant and quiet. The eagle prefers to hunt in the night when the sky begins to darken.
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