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Sakura is the collective name for several plants of the genus Rosaceae. In the newly revised name of the Chinese Flora, it refers to “Tokyo Sakura”, also known as “Japanese Cherry Blossom”. The variety of cherry blossoms is quite numerous, with more than 300 species. There are about 150 species of wild cherry blossoms in the world and more than 50 species in China. Among the 40 species of sakura-like wild species ancestors in the world, there are 33 species native to China. Others are varieties derived from horticultural hybridization.
Sakura is native to the northern hemisphere temperate ring of the Himalayas and is grown all over the world, mainly in Japan. Flowers 3 to 5 per branch, into umbels, apex apex, mostly white, pink. Flowers often bloom with leaves in the leaves or after the leaves in March. With the change of seasons, the cherry blossoms are fragrant and colorful, and are often used for garden viewing. Sakura can be divided into two types: single-valve and double-valve. Single-valve can bear fruit, and most of the complex-type flaps are not fruitful.
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